Turn your backyard into a Party, Event… or neighborhood get together. Whether you’re hosting 10 or 50 people, you are guaranteed our professional, experienced staff every time. We can provide generators, lighting, sound, frame and pole tents to fit your backyard dimensions. LAS offers two styles of tents; frame tents and pole tents and all tent tops are white.

Pole tents are used with a minimal number of poles but it’s durability can stand as well as any other. It is erected with large center poles that give it a peak and curved style or like the frame tents a gradual peak. LAS offers 30′ wide tents up to 205′ long and 40′ wide tents up to 200′ long. Pole tents require stakes to support the large vinyl top.

Frame tents use a rigid aluminum skeleton to support the canopy. They can be anchored by stakes, concrete weights, or weighted barrels according to the size of the tent. Offering 10′, 15′, 20′, 30′ and 40′ wide frame tents. Frame tents are a self-supporting tent that is erected without the use of a middle pole. 

Lakeshore Athletic Services offers a wide variety of frame Tents tents for special events. 

20' x 20' Tent and 10' x 10' Tent